Lobos River...

Lobos River, Lobos River 

your memories are to me pleasing 

the places that you lock up 

I will never be able to forget them. 


rom the " ray of Hontoria " 

you are desperezando yourself 

and you arrive until the Ucero 

between highest rocky crags. 


In your crystalline waters of

" the Sources " for down the crabs 

abounded, fine trouts and the barbels


 Aguilas, foxes and vultures,

 tejones, buhos and rooks 

they graze in the fields 

in you to his wide ones 

by your caves and peaks, 

where the hand of the Man 

still it has not arrived.

 - II - 

Account of mouth in mouth 

once last times 

that the wolves to the towns

 often they have arrived;

 and that " tiá Valentin " 

when coming from San Leonardo 

in order to clear them of above 

the Roman was hitting. 


Today, the flavor is had lost 

of the adventure of long ago; 

to think about your " Encuartadero "

when the cars raised;

the voices of the carreros 

to the mules pushing 

at the same time that they 

they also went pushing.

- III - 

The storms at night

if in the cave you are put he

 is something, that nor to dream

 you had never believed it.


 It is a constant the thunderclaps

by the repeated echo 

that it makes think to anyone

 the immense thing of the Infinite.

 - IV -

 From " the Pool of the Dengue " 

" Castillo Villío " is seen, 

with its millenarian ruins 

hat more than four they have wanted 

to search carefully in its entrails 

because the old ones have said 

that it hides rich treasures

 of Romans and moriscos.

Of " the Source of the Corner 

to the stop of Castillo 

they say, that there is not long time 

a passage was seen, 

by where the water raised 

when they were in danger.


 Walking river down 

watched over the riscos 

we arrived at " San Bartolo " 

he hermitage that Temple did, 

for year thousands two hundred 

according to it is ***reflxed mng in books. 


The Templarios called it

" San Juan de Otero " in the beginning 

and today, San Bartholomew

by all he is known. 


The people of its contours 

and of very far come 

the twenty-four of Agosto 

there they are themselves reunited 

in order to celebrate its celebration 

between rocks and the river. 


The great cave that there is to the front 

full it is of passages 

and that there the initiates 

they administered an oath his office 

like monks and soldiers in order 

to say and to make war 

to Mahoma and its children. 

- V - 

On the feet of " the Galiana "

 your route finishes 

and you give yourself to the Ucero 

between labrantíos fields. 


Back you left your glory 

like wild soldier

between highest rocky crags 

you have already arrived at your destiny.


 You are " RESERVE NATURA " 

you have it well deserved. 

The wonders that you lock up 

in all your route 

they have not let praise them

all that that already has seen you. 

For that reason, from these lines 



Gerona, March of 1,998


In the term of Santa Maria they are the most beautiful places of the Tube, if we excepted the place of the hermitage, that is communal of the towns of Ucero, Herrera and Nafría. In the " Bridge of the seven 4 eyes " that is to kms. of the town, direction San Leonardo, we will leave the vehicle); after crossing a stretch by the tube from the bridge river it arrives, to the taste and forces of everyone, considering that will be to desandar the crossed way, but without not to have arrived at the " Source of the Canaleja ", to have entered the cave which there are two curves more above provided with lanterns, (to admire the drawings that on the rock the water with its mineral contributions has formed) and seen with thoroughness the " Rock buhitres ", " Malvierto", " Greenstone ", " Rock the Children ", etc, to return to the car and to go a  San Leonardo, to take the highway that goes to stopping before lowering the hill of " the Galiana ", where the panoramic Vista of the tube is announced to contemplate it (without falling to the emptiness), from the 170 meters of altura que it has in the final section of the same one; having the mountain range of Nafría to the front, the fertile valley of the Ucero river and castle towards the south; if the day is sure can be seen in the horizon, the mountain range of Ayllón and Somosierra in the Central System. Lowering the hill of " the Galiana ", the car in the parking can be left that are to 5oo meters entering the tube by its end, the románica hermitage of the templarios, is 2 kms. above...                Sabinas, junipers, negral pine, pudio and laricio dominates the arboreal landscape, with some units of pine to albar. The thyme, the rockrose, cantueso, the romero and other arbustivas plants, flood of fragrances the air at any time; the core is a sublime gift to above walk by the high section of the tube of the Lobos river in total flowering, following the river from the bridge of the seven eyes. This section is more not knowing than the one of the low part, where it is the románica hermitage of the Templarios, but very many more beautiful... Also a stretch can be crossed downwards from the bridge, the rocky Vista of the formation makes an impression... and bravest they can dare to make all the route. In the high part of the tube, (I mean: from the bridge of the seven eyes, overcoming the course of the river), the man has not modified the landscape as in the other section: seeding chopos in row, that makes difficult the vision of the native thing of the tube... The section of above is solitary..., are tourists passing through no, as in the section under... the silence and the magical landscape that surround to us they intensify the senses, doing possible that we perceive the beauty with extreme sensitivity in the capacity of everyone. The vultures from the stop of rocks, see us pass and invade their territory from times without memory for the man..., or almost... because in the caves that there are throughout this stretch of the tube, they were in the first third of this century, utensils of the Neolithic one that exhibit in the Archaeological Museum of Soria             We can arrive us at the Town from Osma following the valley from the Ucero.  river        

The Fuentona de Muriel of the Source and later to follow until Calata6nazor. Place where it finished definitively, in the Iberian Peninsula, the power of the Islam; of there the phrase of the Romancero: " Calata6nazor, where Almanzor lost atambor"...             

Castillo Villío or Billío

Author: Pausilipo Oteo

    Hay a place at the top of the most important meander of the Tube of the Lobos River ", little well-known, for the great majority of the inhabitants of the towns limítrofes.  even is in the intermediate point, from the " Bridge of the Seven Eyes " and the hermitage of San Bartholomew. Trátase de Castillo Billio; not knowing itself with certainty, by whom and when it was constructed; nevertheless, " why ", (once seen the look), it jumps at sight which it was for controlling (by tribes which in his day they could inhabit the environs of this region), the passage by the deep thing of the Tube, of all those that from the fertile valley of the Ucero river they tried to continue towards the north by the only possible way: overcoming the course of the Wolves by the deep thing of the Tube... The visitor who arrives until the mentioned place, is astonished, by strategically that the mentioned castle is located: Entering by the West, we found the rest of a wall today turned into a pile of stones and to about seven meters, the ruins of the Castle itself; to the front, watching towards the East, a great triangular platform almost free of vegetation, that by the sides arrives itself at the vertical riscas and imposes, if it watches the bottom of the River. The panorama that is descried from the great pile of stones that are of the main factory, is impressive; in a maximum degree, if it is a sunny day and with good propagation, many classes of birds can be seen, that with their graznidos give joy to the surroundings; the vultures, resting or taking the sun in or stop from the riscas, as much in " Tooth Head the Furnace ", to the left, or river arrives, like in the " Risca of the Corzos ", to the front. From the ruins of the Castle, to about 60 meters, direction S.O., is what it seems to be was necrópolis, punished enough by furtive, seeking the untiring ones of old things. It is to stand out that a tunnel has been detected, that starting off of the intermediate point of the two constructions: Castil

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